How I got into Multilingual SEO and Content Writing

I'm a Multilingual SEO based in Barcelona and also provide Content writing in English, Italian and Spanish. If you are curious about my background and how I became an SEO Consultant, read on.

Tourism and Digital Marketing

I started getting into SEO in 2007, when I was in Barcelona working with a partner on the start-up, a digital marketplace for tourist apartment agencies in capital cities. Our aim was to promote beautiful apartments that were exclusively professionally managed and to provide leads and bookings to the agencies via our site.


During this time, I wore many different hats. Initially I worked on the business plan, the site set-up and the business development, but also customer relations and booking management.


If that sounds like a lot work, I can state that it was not enough to make things move forward. We needed to attract more website traffic and receive more leads. I therefore focused more and more on digital marketing strategies. Google Ads, SEO and content writing in English, Italian and Spanish became the bread and butter of my days until the site was acquired in 2011 by our major competitor.

SEO, Translation and Content Writing

After the partners of this small venture took different paths, I decided to keep working in digital marketing under the umbrella of D2TStudio Ltd, contributing to delivering multilingual websites and, later, I carried on freelancing. I worked on SEO and content writing projects for international hotels including Mamaison, Hotel Brunelleschi, GoldZanzibar, and more; but also for translation agencies like AranchoDoc and companies such as TravelClick.


Language and education project

My love for languages, my translation background and, most of all, the need to immerse my little boy in his second native language led me to work on a project in education while I was back in Italy in 2014/15. I organized English playgroups for children and parents to promote bilingualism from an early age.

As a natural entrepreneur, I decided to set up as a small business and create the brand BabyTandem.

I can tell you that it's extremely exciting to set up your own project, especially if it is in the name of a cause in which you believe. I created this brand from zero, developed the marketing strategy, worked on the website's SEO, curated the blog, and fiddled with MailChimp newsletters, for example. But I also did a lot of legwork finding the spaces, handing out flyers, organizing the activities, creating the material and performing in the labs, i.e. teaching.

I'm proud of this project as I was able to propose meaningful activities that respect the child's natural learning process. Seeing young children enjoy themselves while learning in a natural way was the greatest reward.



Back in Barcelona, I began exploring the city with renewed enthusiasm and different eyes. So I started my own blog in Italian about visiting Barcelona with children. Mammabcn is a niche blog that reaches the ever-growing community of families that travel with kids. Barcelona is a great destination for families and Italians are fascinated with this kaleidoscopic city.  With Mammabcn I help them enjoy it, especially with children.


Let's meet up!

If you read through to the end and still want to know more, just drop me an email so we can talk virtually or in person. If you happen to be in Barcelona, let's meet up for a coffee!